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Allied Health Student Clinical Placement

At Erlanger we rely on a diverse team of healthcare professionals to fulfill our mission to compassionately care for people. It is today’s students of allied health and clinical support programs that are the future to growing and fulfilling this mission. That is why Erlanger is committed to partnering with accredited schools to provide a strong clinical environment to train the forthcoming healthcare workforce. These clinical placements include but are not limited to: Medical Assistant, Respiratory Therapy, EMT/Paramedic, Medical Laboratory Technician, Pharmacy Technician, Radiology Technician, Dietitians, Physical Therapy and many more.

If your educational institution would like to partner with Erlanger for clinical placement please complete the following steps:

  1. Obtain a Clinical Affiliation Agreement with Erlanger. (If one is not already on file.) To make a request, email [email protected] the program name, school contact person, and the name/title of the individual authorized to sign the contract.
  2. Next, a member of the academic partner faculty should contact via email [email protected] to inquire about clinical training opportunities. Be sure to include the requested program type, clinical area, time frame, number of students, and requirements for preceptors. If you currently have a contact person within that clinical area, please share that information also.
  3. Once approval has been obtained, please submit a list of students and the timeframes that they will be attending clinicals to [email protected]. At this point, all students and clinical instructors who have not completed the Total Clinical Placement System (TCPS) general and Erlanger orientation must do so. If you are not a member of TCPS, please contact the clinical placement team via email [email protected] with the number of students attending clinicals so that temporary access may be requested. (If the student is a current employee of Erlanger, then Erlanger orientation is not required.)
  4. Then, the institution submits one orientation checklist to [email protected]. This one list will cover all students within the program who are attending clinicals at Erlanger during that semester. No other documents are to be submitted. The academic institution is responsible for obtaining, verifying and storing all documents on the orientation checklist (click on hyperlink or obtain a checklist on TCPS). Current Erlanger employees are not required to have background checks, drug tests, physical examinations, or vaccine requirements for clinical placement.
  5. Finally, all instructors/faculty (not students) who are working within the facility may request limited access to eChart, Erlanger's EMR system. Send access request to [email protected].