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Simulation Center

A safe learning environment with life-like simulators to enhance patient care skills

The Holli Counts and Joseph Grendys Simulation Center at Erlanger provides hands-on training for Erlanger’s direct patient care staff and students. The center features lifelike, high-fidelity patient simulators - or mannequins - each with unique capabilities to replicate real-life scenarios. The center offers a safe learning environment for staff to practice high-accuracy skills they might not get to do very frequently – all with the goal of improving patient outcomes.

Staff We Serve:

  • Physicians
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Respiratory therapists
  • Physical therapists
  • Advanced practice critical care nurse clinicians
  • Patient care technicians
  • Registered nurses
  • Licensed Practical Nurses

Facility Features:

  • Separate suites for adult, pediatric, infant, and labor and delivery simulations, all equipped with crash carts
  • Advanced control room for running each simulation
  • Large video-equipped classroom for preparation, study, and debriefing
  • All sessions captured on video for skills review

Patient Simulation Suites

HAL® Patient Simulator – Mostly used for annual reviews/mock coding

  • Simulations: Emergency care, ICU and med-surg training with simulated cardiac, respiratory, and vascular physiology, including arterial (IV fill/drain ports) access, arm/neck/foot pulse checks, lung compliance, hi-fi auscultation; Capable of full code with defibrillation, CPR and intubation scenarios
  • Mannequin Features: Conversational speech, lifelike motor movement, next-gen simulated physiology

Pediatric HAL® Patient Simulator

  • Simulations:  Real patient monitor support (SpO2, EKG, capnography, NIBP, live pacing, and defibrillation); Emergency intervention (surgical airway, needle decompression, chest tube insertion); Dynamic lung compliance with true ventilator support
  • Mannequin Features: Simulates lifelike emotions through dynamic facial expressions, movement, and speech; Interactive eyes and active facial expressions

Super Tory® Advanced Newborn Simulator

  • Simulations: Active movement, true ventilator support, real patient monitoring.
  • Mannequin Features: Realistic arm, leg and lip movement, adjustable fontanel

Victoria® Labor and Delivery Simulator

  • Simulations: Delivery situations including normal, breech, shoulder dystocia, C-section, and postpartum hemorrhage; Fetal heart monitoring and ICU monitoring for heart rhythm and blood pressure; Critical care simulations including defibrillation and CPR
  • Mannequin Features: Simulates lifelike emotions through dynamic facial expressions, movement, and speech; Interactive eyes and active facial expressions

Grand Opening - March 2022

We appreciate the Holli Counts and Joseph Grendys Family for their generous donation, making the Simulation Center a reality in March 2022. 


Our Staff

Jill Steelman, MSN, RN
Jill Steelman, MSN, RN
Senior Director of Clinical Education

Deb Fitzpatrick, BSN, RN, CVRN
Deb Fitzpatrick, BSN, RN, CVRN
Clinical Education Director

Lori Greer, MSN, RN, CHSELori Greer, MSN, RN, CHSE
Simulation Coordinator

Rebecca WilliamsRebecca Williams,
Simulation Assistant