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Emergency Services

What is Emergency Medicine?

Emergency medicine focuses on providing care for patients with acute illnesses or injuries that require immediate medical attention. For any medical emergency, call 9-1-1.

Maps for our emergency locations

24/7 Emergency Care

Erlanger provides the highest level of emergency care for critically ill or injured patients. Our 24/7 services range from highly specialized care from the region’s only Level I trauma center — to lifesaving procedures from our Accredited Chest Pain Center and world-renowned rapid-response stroke team. No other hospital is more prepared for any emergency, or offers more to help our community receive the right care when the unexpected happens.

Next Level Emergency and Trauma Services

  • The region’s only Level I trauma center, the highest level of adult trauma care available
  • The region's only Comprehensive Regional Pediatric Center (CRPC), functioning at the highest level of pediatric trauma care
  • The region’s only trauma, general and pediatric surgeons on duty 24/7 – with round-the-clock coverage for orthopedics, plastics and neurosurgery
  • The region’s only Level I accredited hyperbaric oxygen program available 24/7 for wound therapy
  • The region’s largest air ambulance fleet, LIFE FORCE, transporting patients from virtually anywhere within minutes
  • The region’s only academic emergency medicine and fellowship programs, training tomorrow’s physicians in the latest techniques
  • Certified emergency nurses who possess the knowledge and critical thinking skills to meet the highest standards of the nursing profession