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Spirit of Excellence Award

Robin Hynek, NP – Pulmonary Critical Care

Alicia Andrews DO

“In addition to Robin giving exceptional patient care every day, she stood out to me on this one particular shift. She had a very acutely sick and critical patient that she was caring for in the ICU. The patient experienced an acute life-threatening change in status. Robin called the specialist physicians to assist her in stabilizing the patient. She played a significant role in this process as well. She remained calm and performed life saving measures alongside the physicians. What made her stand out that particular day was that she went above and beyond the call of duty and she did what most practitioners would not have done. Once the patient was stabilized, she not only facilitated the transfer of the patient to a higher level of care, but she accompanied the patient and the EMS crew on the ambulance to ensure the patient had a safe and stable transport and that he arrived at the facility stable. In my many years of experience, I have only seen a couple of practitioners do this or be willing to go above and beyond like Robin did this day. She deserves recognition for this extra effort in ensuring the best outcome possible for the patient.”