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Spirit of Excellence Award

Danielle Ciabattone – Electrophysiology

Danielle Ciabattone PA

One late Friday afternoon, when it was way passed time to leave, I witnessed Ms. Ciabattone’s interaction with a patient over the phone. I was deeply impressed by the amount of time and compassion taken to go over in great detail with the patient all of her concerns. The patient’s procedure had been cancelled by another provider and it would have been easy enough to tell the patient that the good news is she didn’t need the procedure and she could wait to have her questions answered in her follow-up appointment. However, Ms. Ciabattone took over 60 minutes on the phone going over the patient’s entire chart, discussing her medical history and recent testing to explain why she no longer needed the procedure. The patient required multiple repeated reassurances, but Ms. Ciabattone never expressed frustration with the patient. It is this level of care and compassion that shows how she likely treats all her patients.”