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Spirit of Excellence Award

Aaron Cohen – Hospitalist

Aaron Cohen DO

“He is an Erlanger Chief Medical Information Officer along with providing direct patient care on a weekly basis. He is an excellent example of all of Erlanger’s core values. He goes above and beyond to ensure patients, providers, and staff are cared for to the best of his ability and to the best satisfaction possible. He ensures that quality, safety, and the best practices are provided by all. He is very innovative and big-picture driven. Nothing is too big or too small to be looked over. A few things he has accomplished over the last six months as a CMIO include:

  • Initiated and continues to manage the Erlanger Physician Builder program which will enhance provider efficiency, engagement with the EMR, and overall satisfaction going forward.
  • Active participates in the EMG Optimization group which has already made great improvements for primary care providers and is now turning our focus to inpatient and specialty providers.
  • Standing up and participating in a review process for requests, as well as new and existing changes to ensure that there are quality reviews by clinical operations.

He is passionate about technology, helping the providers and staff work more efficiently along with ensuring all required elements are met.”