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Spirit of Excellence Award

Alex Snyder – Pulmonary Critical Care

“Alex is a nurse practitioner that I have worked with over the last three years. I work night shift and he has been on day shift since I have known him. He picked up a week on nights the week before Christmas to help out the pulmonary critical care team. On the night of Christmas Eve, we admitted a very sick patient with a very poor prognosis. The family of this patient was very overwhelmed with all of the things that were happening at the time. Alex spent close to an hour on the phone and in-person talking with the family about this patient. He explained this patient’s situation in a way that was understandable for the family. He spent time showing the scans and lab values and explaining why the findings of these were important. As many people know, giving a poor prognosis is one of the most difficult situations to find yourself in as a health care provider. Alex was kind, compassionate, and unhurried. He made this family a priority. This is a true example of a spirit of excellence and I believe Alex deserves to know how much we appreciate his compassionate care.”