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Spirit of Excellence Award

Marsha Long – Urgent Care

Marsha Long

“On numerous occasions, Marsha goes above and beyond for the patients that come to Urgent Care. There is a specific time in mind that Marsha showed kindness, empathy, and love of her patient. A young woman, with a difficult situation was seen at the clinic. She was homeless and hungry. The patient showed up to the clinic barefoot and needing health care. Marsha took care of the immediate health concern and because the patient needed more than just her current health problem, Marsha offered her lunch. She also had an extra pair of sneakers and offered them to the patient. At the end of the visit, the patient was taken care of medically and treated like more than just a patient. I was reminded that kindness and caring is still a part of mankind and healthcare is more than medicine. Marsha shows these things every day in her practice and never asks for recognition.”