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Alicia Andrews, DO – CH Gastroenterology

Alicia Andrews DO

“This is a personal experience with this physician, but as an employee who works in the same areas as she does, I think this is just one example of how she conducts herself. My daughter was having chronic GI pain that was causing her to miss school and was greatly affecting her day to day life. She needed to have a colonoscopy and the earliest available was mid-May. A week or so later, I received a phone call offering a procedure date of 4/7/23. I was surprised because I thought Dr. Andrews was on vacation that week, but I was thrilled because my daughter would not have to miss additional school days for the procedure and her pain was becoming more consistent and more frequent.

Well, I was correct. Dr. Andrews was on vacation that week and she came in that day just for us. This was not a favor for a fellow coworker. This was a compassionate physician who wanted to help a child and her mom. I have heard other patients and families talk about how Dr. Andrews is always doing the extra test, research, or consultation with another physician to make sure she has covered all the bases. I am so grateful that she is my child’s physician and even more grateful that our hospital has physicians like her!”