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Spirit of Excellence Award

Jeanie Dassow, MD – Erlanger Women’s Health

Alicia Andrews DO

“She has great care and passion for patients and staff. She strives to make sure all patients are taken care of and that staff feel appreciated and valued. There was a day a couple of weeks ago when a patient showed up for an ultrasound that had been scheduled by one of the PSRs. The patient had never been seen before in the practice. The providers that were in the clinic that afternoon were full. Jeanie was on admin time, but instead of turning her away, she saw the patient and gave her an ultrasound.

She regularly praises and complements staff. However, at the end of last quarter, she took a percentage of her incentive and had it distributed among all staff, including PSRs and non-clinical. Everyone was so appreciative. These are just a couple of examples of the ways that this doctor is continually showing care, compassion, and concern for patients and staff.”