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Spirit of Excellence Award

Andrew Paulsen – CVICU

Andrew Paulsen NP

“Andrew is an exceptional provider who takes time to educate his patients and hear their concerns. He works for a very high acuity team and continues to show up early to support his nursing staff, as well as staying after to provide the best care for his patients. There have been multiple times he has not been in the ICU or on-call, but has not once hesitated to answer a phone call from the team and help when needed.

Andrew does not hesitate to step into a situation and take action when needed. The CVICU has truly been blessed with the consistency of his knowledge that he provides and the care he gives to his patients. He takes extra time out of his busy day to educate the staff and go the extra mile to advocate for the nurses and patients. He continues to be the provider that assists nurses with difficult conversations and aids in the best care for his patients. He demonstrates Erlanger’s core values of excellence, respect, and nurturing. He is an incredible APP inside and out and our unit is so very thankful for him. ”