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Spirit of Excellence Award

Kelly Stokes – Clinical Observation Unit

Kelly Stokes NP

"Kelly is a nurse practitioner with a doctorate degree from the number one nursing institution, but you would not know it given how humble she is and how hard she works each and every day. She regularly goes out of her way to do things for people when she knows there is no praise to follow. I am nominating her for her continued work and endeavors, but specifically for the one time she stayed almost two hours late after her shift to make sure a hungry patient got something to eat. He was financially limited and often went hungry when he was not a patient. The day he was cleared to eat, dinner had already passed and he missed it. Without even asking for contributions, Kelly asked the patient for his dream meal and she had it delivered via Door Dash to the ED, so he could have one great meal before being discharged the following day back to the homeless community. This is just one example of the things she does without anyone’s help or appreciation and she deserves to be honored. She is the reason that COU functions as good as it does and Erlanger would be way worse off if she were to ever not be a part of it.”