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Heart and Lung Services

Heart Services

Lung Services

  • Robotic Navigational Bronchoscopy
  • Advanced Bronchoscopy - Using linear and radial endobronchial ultrasound and APC/Cryo therapies for biopsy and debulking of tumor
  • COPD Program – Comprehensive resources to help patients cope with this disease that impacts 24 million Americans
  • Pulmonary Critical Care – Advanced treatment for respiratory ailments
  • Thoracic Surgery/Thoracic Oncology Surgery – Robotic, minimally invasive procedures for diseases of the chest cavity
  • Lung Nodule Programs – Advanced techniques for lung and chest conditions
  • Sleep Disorders  – Helping patients with breathing-related sleep conditions such as apnea
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation  – Comprehensive program to help patients function at a higher level
  • Lung Cancer Screening – Helping high-risk patients uncover disease when it’s most treatable
  • Smoking Cessation – Helping patients beat the #1 risk factor for heart and lung disease