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Innovative Technology for Women's Health

Erlanger has a long history of providing women with innovative health solutions. Our physicians are focused on providing you with the most advanced, minimally-invasive solutions to enhance your health, from the beginning of your reproductive years through older adulthood.

Da Vinci® Surgery

Many of our surgeons are highly-skilled in da Vinci® Surgery—an effective, minimally invasive treatment alternative known to offer better clinical outcomes than traditional surgery.

Robotic Abdominal Cerclage

This groundbreaking procedure has helped many women in our region who have had a history of not being able to carry a pregnancy to term. Using robot-assisted, ultrasound-guided laparoscopic surgery, our team essentially puts a stitch into the lower portion of the uterus to keep the pregnancy inside the uterus without delivering early. This procedure, not commonly done anywhere in the world, has resulted in a number of healthy babies right here in Chattanooga.

Pelvic Sling Procedures

Erlanger offers the latest minimally invasive mid-urethral sling procedures for the treatment of symptomatic stress urinary incontinence. 


3D Tomosynthesis Mammography

This new breast imaging technique produces clear, highly focused three-dimensional images throughout the breast – as opposed to the single images of traditional mammography. This new diagnostic tool shows promise in making cancers easier to see in dense breast tissue. It also improves patient comfort by applying less pressure on the breast.


Minimal Access Breast Surgery

Erlanger surgeons are certified in intelligent visualization technology that greatly improves visibility during skin-sparing mastectomy and lumpectomy procedures for better clinical and aesthetic outcomes.