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Maternity Services - Erlanger Baroness Campus

The most complete maternity services with specialized care for high-risk obstetrics can be found at Erlanger Baroness.

Regional Level III Perinatal Center

The Erlanger Baroness Campus is a designated Level III Perinatal Center for both expectant mothers and infants. Erlanger provides mothers with immediate access to high-risk obstetricians who are specifically trained in maternal and fetal medicine. Mothers can receive 100 percent of their care here without having to be transported to another facility. The designated 12-room Perinatal Unit will have all the capabilities for care of mothers experiencing complications during their pregnancy or recuperating from complications during labor and delivery. The rooms are equipped with the latest technology and monitoring systems. Anesthesia capabilities are also available.


Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Just as important as treating expectant and new mothers, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Children's Hospital at Erlanger takes care of the sickest and smallest newborns. The NICU, part of the Regional Perinatal Center at Erlanger, is a designated Level IV NICU, the highest level assigned by the State of Tennessee and the highest level designated in our region. The 58-bed unit provides immediate access to pediatric and surgical subspecialists, all backed by specially trained  Neonatalogists and Nurses, and Neonatal Nurse Practitioners. Children's Hospital's mission is to improve pediatric and adolescent health in a family-centered environment, and we strongly encourage parents to become involved in their child's care. Parents can visit the unit as long as they like anytime except 6 to 8AM. and 6 to 8PM and we especially encourage parents to attend medical rounds on their baby.

The NICU also offers a "Care by Parent" room that gives parents an opportunity to care for their child before discharge. The Care by Parent room is a home-like setting, complete with a bed and bathroom, where moms and dads have the opportunity to feed, diaper, and care for their child during the night. This gives parents the independence of caring for their child with peace of mind, knowing that the child's vital signs are being monitored at the nursing station.


Services and Classes

The Erlanger Baroness Campus offers tours and a wide variety of childbirth education classes; including CPR, Father's Only, Baby Care, and Car Seat Safety. To find out more and to register, call 778-LINK. In-person tours are available by appointment Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Please call 423-778-5284 to schedule a tour. Erlanger's LINK line can also assist in helping you find an OB/GYN and Pediatrician.



  • The Mother/Baby Unit features 32 private family-centered rooms. Each includes a private bathroom and accommodations for one overnight visitor.
  • 11 spacious birthing rooms are available where mothers can experience labor, delivery and recovery.
  • 12 high-risk perinatal rooms are also available for patients who require a higher level of care during their pregnancies. These rooms are equipped with fetal and maternal monitors.
  • Refrigerators are available for the convenience of patients in all birthing and perinatal rooms.
  • The Newborn Education Channel is also offered to view at your convenience.
  • Many precautions have been put in place for the safety and security of both mother and baby. Matching identification bands will be placed on mother and baby, along with a security tag for the infant.
  • Rooming in with your infant is encouraged.


Medical Care

  • Complete maternity services for patients at every level of pregnancy risk, including specialized care for high-risk obstetrics.
  • Designated as the Southeast Tennessee Regional Obstetrical-Perinatal Center, the highest level of obstetric care available, including the region's only High Risk Perinatal Unit.
  • Facility features technologically advanced surgical rooms and recovery unit for cesarean and gynecological procedures.
  • Regional perinatal coordinator is available to assist with high-risk fetal conditions.
  • The region's only OB triage for quick assessment of patients.
  • High-risk obstetric specialists, attending physicians and medical residents available 24/7 to address medical needs.
  • 24/7 anesthesia services for pain management and labor epidurals.
  • Labor RN's with advanced training and certification in fetal monitoring.
  • Immediate access to Children's Hospital, the region's only pediatric hospital, offering the following:
    1. Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), the region's highest level of care for premature and sick newborns.
    2. NICU staff, who attend all deliveries
    3. Pediatric subspecialists.
    4. Highly-trained pediatric residents available 24/7
    5. Neonatal nurse practitioners available to assess newborns and work in conjunction with an OB, pediatrician and neonatologist



  • Rooming in with your infant is encouraged.
  • International board-certified lactation consultants are on staff to advise breastfeeding mothers.
  • A variety of baby photo packages are available.
  • Offering Never Forgotten Bereavement program.
  • A wide variety of childbirth education classes including infant CPR, Lamaze, breastfeeding education, baby care basics and more are available. Call 778-LINK to register.
  • Install your car seat well before your due date and have it checked by a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician.


Breastfeeding Support

A breastfeeding-friendly facility, Erlanger Baroness Campus has a lactation consultant who visits each breastfeeding mother during her stay, and our well-trained staff is able to assist. Our breastfeeding services include:

  • In-room assistance with positioning and latching-on of baby
  • Phone & office support following discharge
  • Monthly Breastfeeding support group on the fourth Friday of each month Noon - 2PM at the Children's Hospital Kennedy Outpatient Center (downtown). Call 423-778-6247 for more information, or learn more here.
  • Breastfeeding Clinic:

Children’s Hospital at Kennedy Outpatient Center
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday
9:00 AM – 2:45 PM

Erlanger East Hospital, Building C
9:00 AM – 2:45 PM