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Medical/Surgical - EWC Hospital

To speak with a patient, call the unit directly at 828-835-7570 to connect with a unit coordinator.

You deserve treatment and healing facilitated by a team of clinical professionals who appreciate the value of a medicine-meets-family approach.

Achieving recovery is our ultimate goal in the Medical/Surgical Unit. We care for both medical and surgical patients with respiratory, cardiac, gastrointestinal and other medical issues. The majority of our surgeries take place in the specialties of orthopedic, urological and general abdominal surgeries. We see a variety of patients, both adult and pediatric, receiving medicines, treatments or recovering post-surgery within our 24-hour, 40-bed inpatient unit.

The Med-Surg team is an energetic and versatile group that focuses on every aspect of the patient experience. Our multidisciplinary team assesses and treats patients with the goal to improve their condition. We accomplish this “whole-you” care with a dedicated corps of physicians, nurses, patient care technicians, social workers, physical, speech and occupational therapists, respiratory therapists, pharmacists and dietitians.

Short-Term Rehab (Swing Bed) Program. When recovering from surgery, illness or injury, many patients find they need additional care – after their hospital stay, but before they are ready to return home. Through a special Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)  program, Erlanger Western Carolina offers this vital post-acute care to patients right at the hospital, close to your family and community.  Learn more.

Heal with confidence. Our attentive nursing team embraces the high tech equipment at our disposal in order to restore patients to the best wellbeing level possible. 

Care Partners Model

We have adopted the Care Partners model, a program that promotes communication between the healthcare team and the patient/family.

  • What is a care partner? A care partner is someone chosen by the patient to help during and after their hospital stay. The care partner is also the contact person to help the healthcare team better understand the patient’s needs and preferences. They may participate in the patient’s medical care. The care partner should be prepared to be involved in the patient’s care for the entire hospital stay. The identified care partner will be informed of the patient’s health progress and should be prepared to participate in rounds and discussions with the medical team and other staff. Finally, it is the designated Care Partner that will inform other members of the patient’s family and friends of the patient’s condition and progress.

We encourage family members to visit and be involved in the care plan, but please be advised that visitation may be limited due to various health risks. Please see the Erlanger Visitation Policy for current guidelines. Our staff reserves the right to limit visitation if patient safety is compromised. In the case of infectious disease, children under the age of 12 will be asked to limit patient contact.