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Hospitalist Services - EWC Hospital

You're in Great Hands with Our Hospitalists

Members of our health system's hospitalist team are based at Erlanger Western Carolina Hospital and practice within the hospital setting 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

You may find them caring for you or your loved ones in the Intensive Care Unit and Medical Surgical Unit. Utilizing hospitalists leads to faster patient care, which can lead to reduced lengths of stay.

Although hospitalists are primarily tasked with the treatment of hospitalized patients, they partner with your personal physician to assess what’s best for your full scope of wellbeing once you’re discharged. Hospitalists complete the formula for a quality and efficient patient experience. A conveniently located laboratory and radiology department, our on-site pharmacy, a pool of support staff to choose from: all are at the grasp of our hospitalists.

What to expect from our hospitalist team:

  • Swift assessment upon admission
  • Constant communication between you, your primary care physician, and your family
  • Monitoring and reporting of your condition
  • Smooth shift of medical responsibility back to your primary care provider

Hospitalists coordinate treatment and medication and relay updates to your doctor. They walk with you through the diagnosis to the discharge process. Your doctor will handle any continued recovery once it’s time to transition to out-patient care. Our team can point you in the direction of a primary care provider in the community if you do not already have one.

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