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Diet and Nutrition Services - EWC Hospital

We offer versatile nutritional care and counseling by registered dietitians that develop real world eating plans built to satisfy and sustain healthy habits. Our clinical nutritional services develop a plan for your diet that plays directly into your health and healing goals during your stay with us.

As key players in the Erlanger Western Carolina Hospital healthcare team, we are responsible for determining the nutritional status of the hospital’s pediatric, adolescent, adult, and geriatric patients, including long-term patients of the Nursing Home and outpatients of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation.

The scope of your care is more than one-dimensional when it comes to nutrition.

Part of determining a patient’s nutritional status is creating a synergistic relationship between the patient and their nutritionists, care providers, pharmacists, and case management.

We’ll help you step up to the plate. We offer physician-motivated medical dietary therapy with a referral from your primary care provider. We coach individuals newly diagnosed with diabetes, experiencing food intolerance and allergies, combating obesity, or coping with disease that can benefit from a change in dietary program.