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Hear what our patients are saying about our hospital.

Western Carolina Heart Rehab Is “the Best Thing in the World” – Hatch’s Story

Every week Joel “Hatch” Hatchell drives from Young Harris, GA, to the Cardiac Rehab Program at Erlanger Western Carolina Hospital. The 90+ year old veteran doesn't mind driving a few extra miles – bypassing closer programs – because Western Carolina offers structure and expert supervision not available elsewhere.

The Best Surgical Care? Right Here in Western Carolina – January’s Story

January Tiberius of Murphy, NC, has had surgery in Atlanta, Chicago, LA, Boston, and Austin – but her best surgical experience was just minutes from home - Erlanger Western Carolina Hospital.

Sepsis Treated at Erlanger Western Carolina Hospital – Richard’s Story

When cancer survivor Richard Lewkowicz came down with sepsis, he was glad to have Erlanger Western Carolina Hospital nearby - not to mention a sharp hospitalist who gave him the right medication quickly. “I think it might have saved me,” Richard says. He compares the care at Western Carolina with the best veteran’s hospital in the country.

Ischemic Stroke Symptoms Recognized by Robert's Wife

Robert McClure of Murphy, NC, doesn’t remember much from that day last year bailing hay. Luckily his wife Becky, a nurse, recognized the signs of a stroke. Today they are grateful for two Erlanger hospitals and one miraculous outcome.

Murphy Heart Rehab Is “the Best Around” – Henry’s Story

After bypass surgery, Henry Harnage, of Towns County, chose Erlanger Western Carolina Hospital (formerly Murphy Medical Center) for his cardiac rehab because it was “the best around.” He says the camaraderie of exercising with others in the program keeps him coming back. “It’s like a social club,” he says.

"An Outstanding Facility in Our Midst" - Margret's Story

Margret Grizio of Hiawassee, GA, was very nervous about her upcoming eye surgery. But the compassionate staff at Erlanger Western Carolina Hospital (formerly called Erlanger Murphy Medical Center) put her at ease and made all the difference in the world in helping her get through the procedure.

"My Mother's Doctors Were Wonderful" - Donna's Story

Donna Stone of Cherokee County talks about the excellent care her mother received at Erlanger Western Carolina Hospital (formerly Murphy Medical Center). Donna had moved her mother to Murphy from North Georgia when she experienced serious health issues.