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Cancer Technology

More Advanced Ways to Beat Cancer

Innovative cancer treatment technologies at Erlanger

These innovative technologies in the hands of highly skilled physicians put Erlanger at the forefront of cancer treatment in our region. As a major academic health system, we are continuously advancing new technologies and offering our patients more clinical trials. It’s one the reasons why Erlanger has been named an Academic Comprehensive Cancer Center by the American College of Surgeons.

Radiation Oncology

  • Prone Breast Radiation Therapy – Minimizes excess radiation exposure by allowing breast cancer patients to lie face down when receiving treatment. – LEARN MORE
  • Tumor treating fields (TTF) – Directs low-voltage electromagnetic fields through arrays worn on head to treat glioblastoma malforme (GBM), an aggressive brain tumor. – LEARN MORE

Surgical Oncology

  • da Vinci® Xi Minimally-invasive Robotic Surgery – Enables skilled surgeons to perform delicate procedures  - including kidney-sparing cancer surgery - through tiny incisions with unmatched precision. – LEARN MORE
  • Fluorescence Imaging – Identifies lymph nodes where cervical and endometrial cancers are likely to first spread, reducing surgery without compromising care – LEARN MORE
  • Minimal Access Breast Surgery – Uses intelligent visualization to improve visibility during skin-sparing mastectomy and lumpectomy procedures for better clinical and aesthetic outcomes. – LEARN MORE

Diagnostics & Pathology

  • Digital & 3D Mammography – Provides faster results, less discomfort, and lower radiation exposure. – LEARN MORE
  • Prostate Health Index (PHI) Test – Provides a diagnostic option three times more precise for detecting prostate cancer than the PSA. – LEARN MORE