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Cancer Patient Stories

Becoming an Educated Patient – Lori’s story

When diagnosed with breast cancer, Lorie Runge wanted first and foremost to be an educated patient so she could be advocate for herself in the treatment process. To this end, choosing a teaching hospital like Erlanger was vital. Erlanger’s exemplary staff and convenient access were also key in her successful treatment.

Surviving Stage 3 Breast Cancer – Jana’s story

When Jana Keil learned she had stage-3 breast cancer, she was already going through major life changes - a new career, a new home, an ailing mother. Through it all she's so grateful for Erlanger and the difference a teaching hospital can make.

Comprehensive Breast Services - Pamela's Story

Pamela Stephens tells why it’s important to never miss a mammogram – and how Erlanger’s Comprehensive Breast Services made her treatment successful and her emotional journey easier.