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Robert Kimmell, MD

Robert Kimmell, MD

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine – Chattanooga, in partnership with Erlanger, is proud to announce the nomination of Robert Kimmel, MD, for the 2024 Alper Humanitarian Award.

Dr. Kimmel has routinely demonstrated the key aspects of integrity. With an honest, open, and approachable demeanor, he takes full responsibility for his patient's care and continues caring for them beyond a doctor's basic expectations of care. He is first on the scene and last out of the parking lot, particularly when planning and reviewing complex patient care. He is accommodating to his fellow residents' scheduling requests but still makes it home to be with his family. Dr. Kimmel has proven to be a dedicated doctor, and he does it with a smile.

Join us in congratulating Dr. Robert Kimmel on his nomination for the Alper Humanitarian Award.

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