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Colton Norton, MD

Colton Norton, MD

Erlanger and the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine are proud to announce the nomination of Dr. Norton for the esteemed 2024 Alper Humanitarian Award. This accolade, a collaboration between the university, the Erlanger Foundation, and Erlanger, which is made possible through an endowment from the family of the late Dr. Harold Alper, honors a graduating resident or fellow who embodies the highest standards of integrity, compassion, and community service.

"In the course of his time with us, his true compassion for his fellow man has quietly, as is his way, shown through," remarked Dirk Kiner, MD, Program Director of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, reflecting on Dr. Norton's tenure.

A testament to his commitment to service and excellence, Dr. Norton's fluency in Spanish—acquired during a study abroad in Spain—has been instrumental in bridging the communication gap with patients and their families, particularly in times of crisis. On one notable occasion, Dr. Norton communicated with a patient in a very specific Spanish dialect, providing essential care information and emotional support to the patient's family during a challenging period. His willingness to arrive early daily to update the family on their loved one's progress exemplifies his dedication to patient care and support.

"Being very quiet and under the radar, he provided the information and comfort that this woman and her family needed during one of the worst times of their lives," Dr. Kiner added, highlighting Dr. Norton's profound impact on those he serves.

The Alper Humanitarian Award, presented annually, recognizes individuals like Dr. Norton who demonstrate the humanistic qualities for which Dr. Harold Alper is renowned. As we celebrate this nomination, we invite you to congratulate Dr. Norton for his significant achievements and for embodying the spirit of compassion and service that defines the medical profession.

Congratulations, Dr. Norton, on your well-deserved nomination for the 2024 Alper Humanitarian Award.

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