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Alper Award Nominees

David Thompson, MD

David Thompson, MD

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine – Chattanooga, in partnership with Erlanger, is proud to announce the nomination of David Thompson, MD, for the 2024 Alper Humanitarian Award. Benjamin Waldorf, MD, has nominated Dr. Thompson as the Department of Urology nominee.

Dr. Thompson is currently the chief resident of the department of urology. His nomination states that from his intern year to now, he has shown great integrity in caring for his patients and interacting with his colleagues. These qualities can be seen in his leadership in the resident-run clinic.

“One afternoon a week, the urology residents see up to forty uninsured patients from the greater Chattanooga area for various urologic issues,” said Dr. Waldorf. “These are patients who have few if any options to otherwise obtain urologic care. The demands on the residents in this clinic are high. Roughly half of all patients do not speak English, and many present with advanced diseases due to a lack of access to care. The numbers of patients in this clinic have increased, as have the number of residents participating in their care. Dr. Thompson has deftly overseen the clinic this year. Under his care, all the patients receive care that is equal to, if not better than that given at private urology clinics in Chattanooga. The resident-run clinic in our department is a key service for our community, and Dr. Thompson has been an integral leader.”

Upon his graduation in June of this year, Dr. Thompson will be practicing in Southern Alabama.

“We have no doubts that he will succeed as a urologist, and that the qualities he has shown here at Erlanger will be valued by all his future patients,” said Dr. Waldorf.

UT Health Science Center College of Medicine – Chattanooga, in conjunction with the Erlanger Foundation, Erlanger, and an endowment from the family of the late Dr. Harold Alper, has established the yearly ceremony and grand rounds keynote address. The Alper Humanitarian Award is presented to a graduating resident or fellow at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine – Chattanooga who has consistently demonstrated during residency or fellowship the humanistic qualities for which the late Dr. Alper was known: integrity, compassion, and community service.

Join us in congratulating Dr. David Thompson on his nomination for the Alper Humanitarian Award.

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