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Spiritual Care

Attending to the emotional and spiritual needs of patients, visitors, family and staff


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The Chaplains with the Erlanger Spiritual Care team are here to help all people at the hospital - patients, loved ones, staff - find hope in difficult situations.  As part of an interdisciplinary healthcare team, our day-to-day focus is on the patient to help resolve whatever issues might be going on. We also attend to Erlanger staff, patients and families, particularly during times of stress or trauma.

How talking with a chaplain can help

When we hit a crisis in our lives, such as a hospitalization or serious illness, having a listening presence to hear our stories is more crucial than ever. An attentive listening presence can help bring about renewed hope and healing. This is the core work of the hospital chaplain.

An Erlanger Chaplain is Available 24/7


  • Address your unique spiritual journey and support your needs when illness, sudden hospitalization or other life-changing event disrupts an ordinary sense of meaning and hope
  • Provide one-to-one, short-term support to patients, their families and hospital staff addressing emotional, spiritual and religious needs.
  • Serve as liaisons—connecting members of the healthcare team, patients, and families, and—if requested—clergy or other religious leaders in the community.

When to Call a Chaplain


  • If you are anxious about your own or a loved one’s condition
  • If you receive bad news
  • If you are in spiritual distress
  • If you need assistance with a religious observance or tradition while in the hospital (i.e. dietary needs, fasting, Shabbat candles, Holy Communion, Sacrament of the Sick)
  • If you need someone to pray with
  • If you are struggling with the meaning of an illness
  • If you are grieving a loss (death of a loved one, amputation, use of limb, etc.)
  • If you need spiritual and emotional support during hospitalization (before or after a procedure, while awaiting test results, when making decisions, preparing for discharge from hospital, etc.)
  • Comfort care support
  • If you would like one-on-one guided meditation
  • If you need referral to local community of worship


  • If you need emotional and spiritual support around a patient’s care or decision-making
  • If you need support as you deal with a personal or spiritual issue
  • If you need referral to local community of worship
  • If you would like to have spiritual support at staff meetings with prayers, devotional, and/or presence
  • If you need treatment team participation in patient care plan with Spiritual Assessments
  • If you need arrangement of a memorial service for a deceased colleague or service of blessing for retiring/departing colleague
  • If you need help processing a difficult case, crisis, or traumatic event (individually or as a unit)

Our Role in Educating New Chaplains

Our chaplains also conduct Clinical Pastoral Education classes accredited by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE). See website for more information.

Spaces for prayer and reflection at Baroness Hospital

  • Erlanger Chapel - Our non-denominational chapel offers a quiet place for prayer, reflection and meditation. Open 24/7, the chapel is located just past the information desk on the right as you walk towards the Medical Mall. Our chaplains also use the chapel for special services and prayer vigils.
  • Zen Garden - Our outdoor Zen garden offers a peaceful, shaded setting for meditation and reflection. It is located in a quiet nook between the main hospital and the Miller Eye Center, facing 3rd Street.

Videos - What Is Spiritual Care?