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ER Patient and Visitor Information

ER Wait Times

Most visits average 4–6 hours for treatment requiring basic laboratory and X-ray studies. Visits requiring more extensive studies or a specialty care consultation may take longer.

Due to the variety of illnesses/injuries treated in the emergency department, there may be times when you may experience a waiting period either in the lobby or exam room. An explanation.

After signing in with the Guest Advocate, you will be seen by the triage clinician. You will have an assessment that includes vital signs and a few specific questions. It is very important that you let us know about all medications you take at home (including any over-the-counter medications and/or herbal supplements) as well as any allergies that you may have. This information will be recorded in your medical record. If you have been a patient in the emergency department before, we may have a list of your medications; however, we will still need to verify that our information is accurate.

Patient Priority

We see patients based on the level of need and not the order in which they arrive at the Emergency Department. Triage is the process of determining the priority of patients’ treatments according to the severity of their condition. Our triage clinician will make sure the patients with the most serious illness/injuries are seen first. In the emergency department, we do not see patients according to the time of arrival, but according to the seriousness of their illness/injury.

If you are asked to wait in the lobby for a room to become available, please let us know if there is a change in your condition. We will be happy to re-assess you as soon as we can.

As soon as rooms are available, you will be placed in a treatment room.

Visiting a Patient

Patients are allowed one visitor in their room at a time unless the Emergency Department staff deems otherwise. In consideration for other ED patients, please have children remain with an adult in the waiting room.

Arrival of Patients

If your family member/friend has arrived by ambulance or air transport, we are attending to their emergent needs. We will keep you informed and allow you to visit as soon as possible.

Care Team

Our care team consists of Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, and Emergency Medical Technicians. During your visit any combination of these highly skilled individuals may provide your care and if needed, they will arrange a specialty care consultation.


If you have questions or concerns about your care please speak with your nurse or the charge nurse. If your questions or concerns cannot be resolved to your satisfaction, please contact the Emergency Department Manager.

Baroness Hospital (downtown) Emergency Department - 423-778-2094

Children's Hospital Emergency Department - 423-778-6101

Erlanger East Emergency Department -  423-680-8500

Erlanger North Emergency Department - 423-778-3300

Erlanger Bledsoe Emergency Department - 423-447-2112

Erlanger Sequatchie Valley Emergency Department - 423-949-2000