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Neurosurgery Success Stories

Louis Jones - Congenital Back Pain / Spondylolisthesis

Louis Jones, Jr. of Kingston, TN, tells how his congenital back problem was discovered at age 19. The condition, spondylolisthesis of his L5 vertebrae, caused pain over the years and became much worse in 2016. Lou regained his life and mobility through the expert care of Dr. Peter Boehm and his team at Erlanger Neurosurgery and Spine.


Sandy Buquo - Neck Pain Due to Disk Degeneration

Sandy Buquo woke up one morning in terrible neck pain. After scans revealed disk degeneration and stenosis, words like “paralysis” and “surgery” were scary to hear. But in Dr. Joseph Miller of Erlanger Neurosurgery and Spine, Sandy found a doctor who listened and cared about the course of treatment she wanted. Today Sandy is thankful for a great outcome, and the “collaboration” Dr. Miller provided in getting the results she needed.

Claire Vassort - Large Brain Tumor

With headaches and memory issues, Claire Vassort knew something wasn't quite right. But she never dreamed she had a brain tumor the size of a grapefruit. Don't miss her touching story, in her own words, of brain surgery at Erlanger and a remarkable recovery.