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Employee Spine Care Navigator

Pain Relief for Erlanger Employees Covered by Aetna

If you or any of your dependents is suffering from lower back, neck, radiating arm or leg pain, or from a herniated disc or fracture, here’s some news you can use!

Dana Hartline, RN has joined the Erlanger Spine Team as the Spine Care Navigator. Dana will serve as a single point of contact for all Erlanger associates and their dependents suffering from conditions of the spine. This includes, but is not limited to low back pain, neck pain, radiating arm/leg pain, herniated discs and fractures.

  • This service only applies to Erlanger associates and their dependents on the Aetna Insurance Plan.
  • One call for Spine Care 423-778-BACK (2225).
  • An individualized, comprehensive and quality care path will be developed for your condition.
  • If you or a dependent are suffering from a spinal condition, we encourage you to contact Dana. She can then coordinate care with all necessary providers which may include a surgeon, non-operative specialist, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, physical therapist, or other providers.

We are committed to assisting our associates and their families in developing the most appropriate pathway for spine care to achieve an improved level of function and hope you take advantage of this opportunity.


Contact: Dana Hartline, RN ext. 2225 or [email protected]

If you have any questions related to your Aetna Health Insurance coverage, please call 800-346-2862 or visit

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