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Referral Process

How Patients Are Referred to Erlanger

A patient’s dialysis clinic or nephrologist’s office can refer patients to Erlanger who they believe to be potential transplant recipients. Patients can initiate the referral process by asking their dialysis clinic or nephrologist to refer them. Patients can also self-refer by contacting the transplant office and we will contact your dialysis clinic or nephrologist on your behalf. 

What to Expect at the Orientation Sessions

Once a referral is received and insurance is verified, patients are contacted about an orientation session.  Orientations are held in the transplant office at least twice a month with flexible days and times to accommodate different dialysis schedules. At the orientation session, you and your family will learn about the phases of transplantation: evaluation, waitlist, transplant and post-transplantation. Additional topics such as multi-listing, types of donors, wait-time transfer, and immunosuppressant medications will be discussed at this time.

Referral contact information

  • Physicians and/or dialysis clinic, as well as patients and families can contact the pre-transplant office at 423-778-2521.
  • Potential patients should complete and fax this Kidney Transplant Referral Form to 423-778-2442. Or, print the form and take it to your dialysis clinic or nephrologist to complete on your behalf.