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Patient Stories

Hear what our patients are saying about the Erlanger Heart and Lung Institute.

Peter McFarlane - Widowmaker Heart Attack

The last thing Pete McFarlane remembered was feeling dizzy after a workout. Six days later he woke up in ICU at Erlanger. He’d had a “widow-maker” heart attack – sudden 100% blockage of the LAD artery. Today Peter is grateful to be active again and even climbing new mountains in this life.

Karen Duncan - STEMI Heart Attack Survivor

Karen Duncan wasn't sure if she was having a heart attack that morning, but she had no doubt where to go to get checked out - Erlanger. She'd heard about Erlanger East's new STEMI Facility for major heart attacks. It was a potentially life-saving choice.

Carolyn Taylor - Tumor on Cardiac Artery

“Multidisciplinary” is a medical buzz word for some. But for Carolyn Taylor, it’s a life-saving word that set’s Erlanger apart. When a dangerous mass was discovered on her right kidney and a major artery to her heart, she received care from three top-notch specialists working closely together – representing heart surgery, urology, and gynecologic oncology. She's now back on the job as a clerk at the Soddy-Daisy police department.

Mike Richey - Heart Attack

Mike Richey of Dayton ignored the symptoms of heart attack. But today he's glad his wife knew better. In the hours that followed Rhea Medical and Erlanger worked closely together to save his life. Mike credits the stent he receieved via radial artery access - through the wrist with a tiny incision - from Dr. John Golding for helping him get back to an "amazing" quality of life.

Mickel Kobeck - Heart Attack

After having a heart attack in his classroom, Georgia teacher Mickel Kobeck is grateful for fellow teachers who knew CPR - and expert care he received from the Erlanger Heart and Lung Institute.

Gary Bell - TAVR

Gary Bell of Trenton, GA, tells how Trans-Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) healed his heart murmur without open surgery and allowed for a much faster recovery.

Shirley Lipscomb - Aortic Dissection

An aortic dissection is often fatal. Luckily, Shirley Lipscomb was quickly taken to the Erlanger Heart and Lung Institute. Dr. Larry Shears performed the delicate repair in which Shirley’s body was chilled as a graft was sewn in place.

John Querry - Aortic Tear

John Querry of Blue Ridge, GA, knew something was wrong when heard a pop in his low back. When he felt pain and lost control of his right leg, he called 9-1-1, and was quickly airlifted to the Erlanger Heart & Lung Institute,


Bob Hendrix - Coronary Artery Disease

Bob Hendrix traveled all the way from Dothan, AL, for robotic by-pass surgery at the Erlanger Heart and Lung Institute. He’s so glad he made the trip.

Mike Dinger - Severe Mitral Valve Regurgitation

Mike Dinger considered traveling to Nashville or Atlanta for treatment of his mitral valve regurgitation. Instead, he's glad he chose the Erlanger Heart & Lung Institute where he found a team of top-notch heart doctors right in Chattanooga. “Everything we experienced exceeded all our expectations.”

Linda Leverett – Silent AFib

Nearly a quarter of the 2.7 million people who have atrial fibrillation (AFib) don’t have symptoms that would usually show up on a typical EKG. Erlanger Employee Linda Leverett was one of those people. Linda is grateful that her “Silent AFib” was detected, and then corrected through a minimally-invasive ablation procedure. 

Teresa Bailey - Heart Attack

When Teresa Bailey of Chattanooga experienced what felt like a pinched nerve in her arm, heart attack was the last thing on her mind. But Teresa later learned that shoulder discomfort is a symptom of heart attack unrelated to chest pain that’s more common with women than men. She’s grateful the Erlanger Heart and Lung Institute knew this, and more important, knew what to do about it.

Anne Everling - Cardiac Arterial Dissection

Anne Everling survived a sudden cardiac arterial dissection after being treated by the cardiologists at Erlanger. 

Ernie McCarson - Coronary Arterie Disease / Severe Blockage

Ernie shares his story of how a potentially serious heart condition was identified during a routine checkup.

Don and June Scobee Rodgers - Hypertension

Dr. June Scobee Rodgers and retired Army Lt. Gen. Don Rodgers share their experiences about being treated by both the Emergency Department and the Erlanger Heart and Lung Institute