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Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Erlanger Heart & Lung Institute
Erlanger Rehab and Wellness
Chattanooga Lifestyle Center
325 Market St., 3rd Floor
Chattanooga, TN 37402
Fax: 423-778-9401

Erlanger North Hospital
Cardiac Wellness Program
632 Morrison Springs Road
Chattanooga, TN 37415


What Is Cardiac Rehabilitation?

Cardiac rehabilitation—or cardiac rehab—is an individualized program which combines exercise and education to restore your quality of life after a heart attack, heart disease, or cardiac surgery. It also reduces your risk of future cardiac events. Erlanger’s cardiac rehab program is based on exercise. But it’s so much more than just exercise. Our supportive medical team is onsite to help you.

  • Understand cardiovascular disease and your personal risk factors
  • Learn to prepare heart-healthy meals and maintain a healthy weight
  • Start and maintain a personalized exercise plan which works for you
  • Take steps to control blood pressure, lipids/cholesterol and diabetes
  • Reduce stress and depression through counseling and positive, healthy-living strategies
  • Meet and share stories with other patients like you

How Long Does the Program Last?

Cardiac Rehabilitation usually consists of 36 sessions, with most people attending 2-3 times a week for 12- 18 weeks. Patients usually start a few weeks after having a cardiac event or surgery.  Once the initial program has been completed, patients can opt to continue this therapy for a nominal monthly fee. If they opt not to remain in cardiac rehab, continued lifelong exercise and lifestyle changes are recommended.

What’s My Initial Assessment Like?

Your first couple of visits will include an individual assessment of your risk factors, as well as a review of your lab work and any medications you’re taking. All participants will also meet with a dietician during the program. Based on your assessment, our staff will recommend an exercise program tailored to your needs. We’ll also recommend educational classes individualized to your risk factors. Our supportive medical staff will:

  • Check your heart rate and blood pressure on each visit
  • Adjust medications if needed as you advance through the program
  • Monitor your heart during exercise and cool down periods

Does My Insurance Cover Cardiac Rehabilitation?

Medicare covers cardiac rehabilitation for the following conditions:

  • Stable angina
  • Heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (EF<35%)
  • Recovery after:
    • Heart attack (myocardial infarction)
    • Angioplasty with stent (percutaneous coronary intervention/PCI)
    • Coronary artery bypass graft
    • Heart transplant
    • Heart valve repair or replacement

Private insurance carriers usually follow Medicare eligibility guidelines, but may also provide coverage for patients with:

  • Heart failure or cardiomyopathy
  • Diabetes
  • Multiple cardiovascular risk factors

Our team can also help identify heart-health programs available for patients who do not have health insurance.

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