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Breast Imaging and Mammograms

Improved comfort. Clearer images. Faster results.

Early detection remains the best protection from breast cancer. Now, there’s an improved diagnostic tool – digital mammography. And it’s available at all three convenient Erlanger Imaging locations. With digital mammography, images are immediately displayed on the computer screen, shortening compression time and discomfort. Studies show lower rates of radiation and fewer repeats due to under- or over-exposure than conventional mammography. Best of all, results are available quickly, reducing the anxiety of waiting.

Is itTime for Your Mammogram? Get Answers

As the region’s leading academic health system, Erlanger reviews the latest medical research to help you decide if you need breast cancer screening. Review our guidelines for screening and get answers to common mammography questions. For more information or to schedule a screening, call 423-778-PINK (7465).

What is Digital Mammography?

Digital mammography is similar to conventional mammography in that x-rays are used to produce in-depth images of the breast, yet digital mammography takes an electronic image of the breast and stores it directly in a computer, allowing the recorded data to be enhanced, magnified, or manipulated for further evaluation. Enhancing the image provides faster results and greatly reduces the need for retakes due to the image being over or under exposed.

The Difference is Clear

The high-resolution of digital images allows radiologists to see more details and detect abnormalities by manipulating brightness, magnification, orientation and contrast.

digital mammography comparison
Conventional Mammography Image (left) Digital Mammography Image (right)