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Family Medicine Services at Erlanger East

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Erlanger Primary Care - East
1751 Gunbarrel Rd.
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Chattanooga, TN 37421

Mon – Fri
8:30AM – 5PM

Central to Erlanger East’s mission to become a healthy lifestyle center is a strong focus on primary care. That’s because primary care, in its best sense, is all about lifelong well-being. As your family’s “medical home,” our team is committed to being a partner in pursuing the best of health through all of life’s phases. This commitment is built on lasting relationships and the latest in evidence-based care. It includes an important focus on preventative medicine in younger patients and comprehensive care for those who are chronically ill.

Our Commitment

  • Evidence-based care to help you obtain the best health possible
  • Support for healthy choices—including activity, nutrition, habits and attitudes—while respecting individual life preferences
  • Thoughtful, attentive care from a board-certified, award-winning family medicine provider
  • To be your advocate when specialized care is required
  • Uncompromising dedication to your well-being