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Erlanger East Campus Visitor Information

Erlanger East Hospital

1751 Gunbarrel Road
Chattanooga, TN 37421
423-680-8000 ER: 423-680-8500
Patient rooms:
680- plus room number


Convenient, uncovered parking available on hospital grounds.


Cafeteria services
Dining, Food Services, Vending
WiFi (free)

Erlanger East - Building C

1635 Gunbarrel Road
Chattanooga, TN 37421

First Floor

Radiation Oncology - Suite 100

Second Floor

Center for Breast Health - Suite 200

Third Floor

East Oncology and Hematology - Suite 300

East Medical Genetics - Suite 300

East Infusion Center - Suite 320

East Pulmonology - Suite 340

Fourth Floor

East Dermatology - Suite 400

East Campus Visitor Policy (effective Tuesday May 26, 2020)


  • ONE visitor will be allowed between the hours of 9AM – 11AM and 3PM – 5PM.

Surgical Services/ Procedures:

  • Outpatient Surgery: One visitor allowed once patient arrives to their discharge room and is ready for discharge instructions.
  • Inpatients Surgery: After procedure is completed and patient arrives to assigned inpatient room, above inpatient visitation hours will be followed.  No visitors will be allowed preoperatively.
  • Cath Procedures: One visitor allowed once patient arrives to Short Stay area for recovery and discharge.

Emergency Department:

  • ONE visitor per patient.
  • If need identified to utilize hallway beds, no visitors will be allowed for hallway patients.
  • Any visitor beyond one, that arrives with the pt., must wait in car. Only one visitor will be allowed in the facility 

Women’s OB:

  • Continue current policy of one visitor.

Applies to all areas:

  • All visitors will be screened at identified entry points with designated questions, temperature checks, and must surgical wear a mask. (Surgical masks will be provide if they do not have one, homemade masks are not acceptable)
  • Once screened, visitors will be directed to Concierge Desk to obtain Raptor visitor badge, which must be worn in visible site during visitation.
  • Once a visitor has been identified, visitors cannot be swapped out.  For the inpatients this will also apply to the 2 hour visitation slots; although there can be a different visitor for each of the 2, inpatient 2 hour time slots.
  • All visitor must stay in patient’s room during visitation and will not be allowed in other areas of the hospital, other than to cafeteria to purchase meal and then must return to patients room. Visitors must wear mask to and from cafeteria.
  • Any exceptions to visitation times i.e. dementia, end of life patients, will be determined on individual bases by each department’s management and/ or HS.

Entry areas in which screening and visitor checks will be monitored:

  • Building A Inpatient Tower entry open Mon. – Fri., 5AM – 5PM and Sat. and Sun., 9AM – 5PM with screening
  • Emergency Department open 24/7 with screening
  • Building B Women’s side entry open 24/7 with screening
  • Building C normal business hours M-F, NO screening. All physician clinics will provide information to patients regarding one visitor policy and mask requirement via pre visit phone calls, and will provide temperature checks in the offices.
  • Physician clinic patients will not be screened at Building A and B entry points. Rather, once identified, clinic patient and one visitor will be allowed entry and surgical masks will be provided if needed. Physician clinic patient screening will occur by the office personnel.  Clinic patients and visitors will not be allowed in hospital proper.

Smoking Policy

To preserve the health of our patients, visitors, and staff as well as protect the safety of our properties, Erlanger has joined numerous other companies—including other local health care facilities—in becoming a completely tobacco-free health system.

The use of all tobacco products is prohibited on Erlanger campuses, physician offices, medical facilities, parking lots, garages, and inside vehicles parked on Erlanger properties. Tobacco products include, but are not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, snuff, pipes, and any device designed to transmit or convey tobacco smoke or related inhalant (e.g. electronic cigarettes).

The care of patients remains Erlanger’s number one priority. That includes providing assistance to those who use tobacco products.

For information on smoking cessation programs, contact the American Lung Association at 800-548-8252 or www.ffsonline.org, visit the American Cancer Society at www.cancer.org, call the Tennessee Tobacco QuitLine for a free quit coach at 1-800-Quit-Now (784-8669) or http://health.state.tn.us/tobaccoquitline.shtml, or ask your physician how you can participate in a tobacco-free lifestyle.