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Cardiovascular Services

A Community Hospital that Brings World-Class Cardiovascular Care Conveniently Close to You.

Cardiovascular Interventional Radiology Lab

Erlanger East Hospital’s Cardiovascular Interventional Radiology (CVIR) Lab now offers residents in East Hamilton County and North Georgia state-of-the-art technology and procedures right in their own backyard. With the most advanced equipment and skilled clinicians patients don’t have to travel far to receive care.

The Erlanger East Hospital’s CVIR Lab gives patients a broad range of leading-edge heart, vascular and interventional radiology care close to home including:

  • Left and Right Cardiac Catheterizations
  • Peripheral angiography to cerebral, carotid and lower extremity.
  • Pressure Wire
  • Intravascular Ultrasound
  • Elective or low-risk coronary and peripheral interventions including ballooning, stenting, and  atherectomy of plaque filled arteries.
  • Paracentesis and Thoracentesis
  • Port-a-cath insertion
  • Other low-risk interventional radiology procedures

Echocardiology and Vascular Ultrasound Services

The echocardiology and vascular ultrasound services at Erlanger East Hospital provide a full range of adult echocardiogram and vascular ultrasounds—available on an outpatient and inpatient basis. 

Echo Services

  • Transthoracic Echo
  • Limited Echo
  • Echo with Bubble Study

Vascular Services

  • Carotid Ultrasound
  • Venous Ultrasound—Lower & Upper Extremity
  • Arterial Ultrasound—Lower & Upper Extremity
  • Arterial Lower Physiologic Studies – ABIs
  • Arterial Upper Physiologic Studies
  • Aorta Duplex
  • Mesenteric Artery Duplex
  • Rental Artery Duplex