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Covenants and Protections

On August 17, 2023, the Hamilton County Commission voted “yes” to approve the important covenants and ongoing protections for Erlanger Health System and the community. This vote of approval is the latest step forward toward our transition to an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit structure.

The legally binding covenants and protections for the health system include a commitment to the patients and communities we serve, including:

  • A commitment to maintaining the historic mission of Erlanger as a teaching hospital, regional referral center, and safety-net provider for Hamilton County and maintaining the identity of Erlanger.
  • Continuing our historic safety-net mission of Erlanger as an acute care hospital with robust services in this community, including the Trauma Center, the Children’s Hospital, the Federally Qualified Health Center programs, Erlanger’s medical education mission, and the many other services we provide today.
  • Continued participation in Medicare Fee for Service programs and Medicaid.
  • Charity care remaining consistent with Erlanger’s historical policies.

Oversight and Monitoring

Additionally, we are pleased to share that to maintain the trust of our community, our collaboration, oversight, and reporting efforts with the independent 501(c)(3) non-profit structure will include:

  • A 3-member Oversight Monitor Board that will be appointed and approved by various parties involved. The Oversight Monitor Board will be separate and independent from Erlanger and its Board and will work on behalf of the community to ensure the covenants and commitments are met.
  • The County Commission, Oversight Monitor Board, and Tennessee Attorney General will have approval authority over any potential sale, lease, or transfer of substantially all of the assets of the new entity as well as amendments to items regarding governance, tax-exempt and nonprofit status.

Commitment to Employees, Physicians and Patients

Lastly, our commitment to our employees, physicians and patients remains unchanged. To support our employees and physicians in their important work, we continue to ensure:

  • Current pay levels and benefits will transition to the new structure.
  • The accrued pension benefits will be unchanged.
  • The restructuring will not require changes to the Medical Staff bylaws, rules, or regulations.

Additionally, we want to underscore that Erlanger’s patients will experience no changes to how care is provided. Patients will continue to be able to access the care they need from the providers they know and trust. As the region’s safety-net hospital, we care for all patients—regardless of their ability to pay—and our commitment to our mission is unchanged.

Next Steps

While we expect to be well into 2023 before the new structure is finalized, we will continue working closely with the Mayor, County Commission, and Legislative Delegation during the transition process, and we look forward to ongoing collaboration with our elected leaders as we move toward the bright future ahead.

We will continue to update this page over the next several months and appreciate your interest in this important topic.