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Prostate Health Index PHI Test

A better option to determine if a prostate biopsy is appropriate

Erlanger Urology is the first urology practice in Tennessee to offer a new blood test that is much more accurate than current prostate cancer screening tools. The PHI is a simple blood test that is three times more specific for the detection of prostate cancer than the PSA (prostate-specific antigen) test alone.

In recent years, the PSA test has been the most widely used screening test for prostate cancer. However, this test doesn’t always deliver definitive results, and many patients have unnecessary prostate biopsies based on results of the PSA test.

How the PHI Test Reduces Unnecessary Biopsies

The PHI test helps physicians distinguish prostate cancer by combining three PSA markers as part of a sophisticated formula to accurately determine the probability of cancer in patients with elevated PSA levels. The increase in accuracy of the PHI test addresses concerns regarding the decision to biopsy. Results from a multi-center clinical study found a 31 percent reduction in unnecessary biopsies due to false-positives as a result of using the PHI test.

The PHI test has FDA approval and is recommended by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network Guidelines for prostate cancer early detection.