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Palliative Care Patient Stories

From our patients: What was the most helpful part of your visit?

“We felt burdens lightened and left with a clear way forward.”

“The practitioner listened well, giving me ample time to formulate answers. They were patient and caring.”

“They listened to my concerns and suggested answers.”

“A positive experience.”

“The positive energy, truthful, and realistic presentation of our options.”

“The support and compliments received.”

“I don’t know where I would be without this place. Being able to talk openly. Christine (Nurse Practitioner Christine Dominguez) is wonderful at putting your mind at ease at a difficult time in my life.”

“Knowing what kind of medication is right for me, taking time to help me. Ya’ll take care of me better than any other MD office.”

“Being understood about my pain experience.”

“My doctors are the best in the business and I am so thankful that I am able to be seen by them. God bless you all.”

“Knowing that the doctor was really interested in helping me with my pain.”

“Being able to just talk and to know we’ve been heard."

“The compassion and caring shown to us both. We are so grateful that God blessed us with this incredible team.”

“Getting to see and talk to the greatest team that God blessed me with, and being able to live a wonderful life with the greatest wife in the world.”

“Great comprehensive care.”

“Direct and effective communication.”