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Hospitalist FAQs

How often will I see my Hospitalist?

Your Hospitalist will see you daily to direct your treatment and will always be close by. In fact, our Hospitalists are available 24/7 to meet the needs of patients.

Who is on Erlanger’s Hospitalist Team?

We currently have 39 physicians, 13 App’s, 2 Care Navigators, and 1 Discharge coordinator. The team works closely together to ensure that you are provided with the highest quality of care. Hospitalists and APPs are even available around-the-clock to provide care to patients in the hospital.

What if I need another specialist while in the hospital?

Consultations from other physicians are sometimes necessary and the Hospitalist providing you care will arrange for this.

How does my Primary Care Physician know when I am admitted or discharged from the hospital and what was provided during my hospital stay?

When patients are admitted to the hospital and their PCP physician is on our Epic EMR system a notice of admission and discharge is automatically sent to that physician’s office. Physicians not on the Epic system will receive communication by our office. The discharge coordinator will put appointment instructions on the discharge paperwork and fax the discharge information to those doctors.

When will my doctor see me for a follow-up?

You will need to see your Primary Care Physician (PCP) soon after your discharge from Erlanger. Hospital staff will help you arrange this follow-up appointment. Since our staff has communicated with your PCP, he or she will be aware of your hospital stay and can request additional medical records if needed.