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Cardiac rehabilitation (cardiac rehab)
An individualized program that combines exercise and education to restore your quality of life after a heart attack, heart disease, or cardiac surgery. It also reduces your risk of future cardiac events. Erlanger’s cardiac rehab program is based in exercise, but it’s so much more than just exercise. Our supportive medical team is onsite to help you:

  • Understand cardiovascular disease and your personal risk factors
  • Learn to prepare heart-healthy meals and maintain a healthy weight
  • Start and maintain a personalized exercise plan that works for you
  • Take steps to control blood pressure, lipids/cholesterol and diabetes
  • Reduce stress and depression through counseling and positive, healthy-living strategies
  • Meet and share stories with other patients like you

Children’s Therapy Services
Outpatient therapy services offered conveniently at Erlanger North include speech and language, feeding, physical, and occupational therapies. LEARN MORE

Family Medicine/Primary Care
Choice of a sports medicine-primary care practice or comprehensive family medicine with a special focus on women’s health. LEARN MORE

Infusion Services
Convenient outpatient setting for patients who require frequent infusion of medications. LEARN MORE

Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Services
The latest in heart diagnostic services including inpatient and outpatient echocardiogram and vascular studies. LEARN MORE

Comprehensive Digital Imaging
The latest in fully-digital outpatient and emergency Imaging and Mammography services. LEARN MORE

Respiratory Care
Outpatient respiratory services, pulmonary function tests, and a pulmonary rehabilitation program. LEARN MORE

Sleep Disorders Center
Accredited center for adult and pediatric patients who suffer from sleep disorders. LEARN MORE