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Photography/Videography/Audio Requests

Any recording of Erlanger associates, contracted employees, as well as other visitors and patients is not allowed at Erlanger Health System facilities unless approved by the Marketing and Public Relations Department.

Individuals producing personal photographs or video of their loved one should be mindful of their surroundings as to not jeopardize other individuals’ privacy.

Erlanger representatives have the right to view any recordings, ask the individual to stop recording, or delete any recording that is not approved by this procedure.

Location Guidelines:
Guidelines and location agreement must be approved for location recording (audio, videography, or photography) at Erlanger Health System. Permission for recording at Erlanger can be obtained only from the Marketing and Public Relations Department.

Erlanger Health System may photograph and record patients and visitors for educational and promotional purposes. Each individual photographed or recorded will sign a consent form understanding any photographs, videos, voice recordings, or similar materials taken could be used for the purposes of illustration, promotion, advertising, video presentation, or publication in any manner deemed appropriate by Erlanger Health System. The individual will further agree that all such materials are the sole property of the Erlanger Health System.

pdf image Recording Guidelines