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Robotic Assisted Joint Reconstruction 

The Erlanger Orthopaedic Institute now offers state-of-the-art, robotic-assisted surgery for hip and knee replacements

Robotic-assisted orthopaedic surgery is the next generation of orthopaedic technology. In the hands of our highly skilled surgeons, this technology takes computer assistance to another level by partially controlling instruments to improve safety, accuracy, and precision for better overall alignment and sizing, while also improving surgical execution. Our surgeons maintain control, but have more information, real time feedback, and more assistance and safeguards available than ever before.

More Choices for Our Patients

Through a preoperative CT-based 3D modeling of bone anatomy, surgeons use robotic arm technology to create a personalized surgical plan with the desired implant size, orientation, and alignment based on that patient’s unique anatomy. This system enables our team to virtually modify the surgical plan intraoperatively and assists them in executing more precise bone resections to even allow non-cemented implants to be used if indicated. The system combines three unique components – 3D CT-based planning, haptic technology and insightful data analytics into one platform for improved precision, alignment, and hopefully improved patient recovery and satisfaction.

A second system also uses advanced digital modeling of intraoperative 3D mapped surfaces of the unique patient’s anatomy and computer algorithms that customize the surgical plan for implant size, alignment, and deformity correction. These technologies allow for less invasive knee ligament balancing and might even allow for total knee replacement that maintains the ACL and PCL for a more natural feeling artificial knee. This may allow for improved functional activity after surgery.

Skilled on Multiple Robotic and Computer-Assisted Platforms

Erlanger orthopaedic surgeons also routinely use other technology based platforms that are not widely available anywhere else in the region. This technology includes:

  • Computer preoperative templating software to plan surgery
  • Handheld computer navigation devices (similar to the accelerometer and gyrometer in your smartphone)
  • 3D printed patient specific custom instrumentation based on preoperative MRI or CT
  • The region's only truly custom knee and hip replacement implants

Armed with the latest robotic technologies, Erlanger orthopaedic surgeons can operate on joints and cut only what’s necessary, while protecting healthy bone and soft tissues. Only Erlanger’s team has expertise with multiple robotic systems and these other technologies. This access and expertise provide patients with more choices for better quality care, hopefully a faster recovery, better satisfaction, and improved implant durability, and a return to a better quality of life.

Robotic Orthopaedic Specialists