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Operating Room

Operating Room
Hours of Operation:
Mon.-Fri.: 7AM – 3:30PM
On-call staff available 24/7

The power is with the patient, making you a key partner in ensuring the safety and success of the over 2,000 surgeries and procedures performed at Erlanger Western Carolina Hospital each year.

The hallmark of an exemplary plan of care includes a smooth pre-operative experience leading up to the procedure and ending with a solid recovery and pain management regimen. We take the time out to not only discuss your case procedure, but keep you and your loved ones informed during and after a surgical situation.

The operating room is staffed and outfitted for surgeries in the realms of general surgery, ophthalmology, urology, podiatry, orthopedics, obstetrics and gynecology, ears, nose and throat and plastics, and more. The operating department is comprised of four fully-equipped surgical rooms, with a recovery bay accommodating up to five patients in a semi-private setting.

Our surgical team delivers the quality performance you would expect from larger facilities combined with the personalized, patient-centered care that small community hospitals are known for.