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LIFE FORCE Air Medical

Life Force is comprised of three major divisions; Air Medical (Life Force Medical Crew), Communications Center (Life Force Dispatch and MedComm), and Med-Trans Corporation (Providing Aviation Assets, Pilots and Mechanics).  Each group contributes to the mission of providing safe, comprehensive, effective, and compassionate patient care and delivering superior customer service through service excellence and innovation. LIFE FORCE is a regional resource for East Tennessee, North Georgia, Northeast Alabama, and Western North Carolina. 


LIFE FORCE serves patients who have suffered any kind of severe trauma or burn, as well as severe medical illnesses.  Each aircraft has equipment and the trained staff to care for people in all stages of life, from infants to geriatrics.  LIFE FORCE may also be utilized in some situations, in search and rescue missions.

On-Scene and In-Flight Life-Saving Treatment Includes:

Trauma Service

  • Four units of blood carried on each flight 
  • On-scene surgical procedures and invasive circulatory intervention including surgical airways, chest tubes, central lines, saphenous vein cut downs. 
  • In-flight I-stat laboratory analysis and surgical preparations

Heart & Stroke Intervention

  • Aggressive cardiac and stroke protocols 
  • Ground-breaking cardiac drugs

Cutting Edge Pediatric Care

  • Specialized pediatric protocols and medications 
  • Dedicated neonatal transport team

Labor & Delivery

  • High-risk obstetric care 
  • In-flight fetal monitoring system including TOCO and ultrasound 
  • Specialized OB medications

UT College of Medicine

  • Professors/physicians provide on-going training and advanced in-flight protocols which speed direct admissions to surgery, the cardiac catheterization lab, radiology and much more.

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