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The Chattanooga LifeStyle Center

All About CHANGE

Chattanooga Lifestyle Center
325 Market Street
Chattanooga, TN 37402

The Chattanooga Lifestyle Center is all about change. A change in lifestyle by the individuals that benefit from the many programs and services offered by the center. As a result of a partnership between Erlanger Health System and The Sports Barn Fitness Center, The Chattanooga Lifestyle Center is prepared to teach the kinds of behavior (lifestyle changes) that can help clients to avoid becoming a victim of a heart attack. At the same time, it is fully prepared to provide rehabilitative services to those who have sustained such an incident and are in the recovery process. Also, to point those individuals in a direction that will help them to avoid a second attack by initiating positive lifestyle changes through education, rehabilitation and a comprehensive variety of related services which may involve anything from healthy cooking classes to alternative medical approaches.

Rehabilitation Services

Health and Weight Loss Programs

Exercise and Flexiblity Classes

  • Beginning T'ai Chi
  • Beginning Yoga

The Chattanooga Lifestyle Center offers more than 250 distinct programs to include a balanced integration of preventative, rehabilitative, therapeutic, fitness and educational services. Individuals are seen before they are needed to be seen by being provided with fitness programs, nutritional information and health education. Also, the center seeks to promote lifestyle changes with measurable outcomes by getting individuals to change behaviors that are not healthy, like smoking, poor eating habits, high cholesterol and so on. One of the keys to the total program offered by the Lifestyle Center is the education component. Located on the third level of the center is an 8,000 square foot learning center with an outdoor terrace, as well as a state-of-the-art demonstration kitchen that is home to cooking classes.