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Physical Therapy Abigail Moore, PT DPT
  • Gender Female

About / Overview

Abigail Moore, PT, DPT, received her doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Abigail primarily works with patients with a variety of orthopedic conditions and has a passion for working with older adults. She is certified in LSVT Big which allows her to treat patients with Parkinson’s disease helping them regain their functional ability. Abigail is currently working toward her Prenatal/Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist certification to work with women who are pregnant or who are on their postpartum journey. This certification was designed to help with specific exercise prescription to assist women in returning to active lifestyle after childbirth. In her free time, Abigail enjoys going hiking with her husband, Austin, and their dog, Bella.  

Education / Credentials

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy University of Tennessee at Chattanooga