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Patient Success Stories

Ricky Allison

It was just a normal workday when Ricky Allison’s left side grew numb and tingly during a meeting. When he couldn’t swallow, he knew something was terribly wrong. Rick was taken to Erlanger and treated for hemorrhagic stroke caused by a blood vessel leak in his brain stem.

Robert McClure

Robert McClure of Murphy, NC, doesn’t remember much from that day last year bailing hay. Luckily his wife Becky, a nurse, recognized the signs of a stroke.

Jay Bell

Jay Bell, well-known Chattanoogan and former pro boxer, fell down one morning with a major stroke. Luckily, Jay’s stroke went from major to minor thanks to fast response from the region’s only accredited comprehensive stroke center.

June Scobee Rodgers and Don Rodgers

Dr. June Scobee Rodgers and retired Army Lt. Gen. Don Rodgers share their experiences about being treated by the neurology and urology experts at Erlanger.


Norman Blake

Norman Blake experienced an arterial blockage resulting in a sudden loss of blood to his brain. He was successfully treated by the medical professionals at Erlanger.