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Arts at Erlanger

Current Exhibit - All About Color

January 15, 2021 – May 12, 2021

Gallery Corridor, adjacent to Elevator D

The Arts at Erlanger committee celebrates artworks from the following artists:

Caleb Ballard
Julie Bauer
Ellyn Biven
Lisa Bohnwagner
Miki Boni
Anne Bordash
Michael Brady
Vera Susan Chamlee
Tom and Pat Cory
Karen Flatt Eustice
David Fishman
Tito Fontanilla
Briah Gober
Nina Grauley
Faye Ives
Howard Kaplan

Janice Kennedy
Gray McCurdy Kephart
Jennie Kirkpatrick
Sylar Laman
Adam Massey
Carrie Pendergrass
Jim Pierson
Olivia Reckert
Kory Russell
William A Simpson
Richard Smith
Jay Snyder
Julie Turner
Evelyn Marie Williams
Alan Wolfe

For purchasing gallery show art or any additional questions or concerns, please email Morgan Lyke.

Next Up - Wild Safari

Exhibit dates: May 22 – September 22

The exhibition is open to anyone living within a 75 mile radius of Erlanger Baroness Hospital.

“Wild Safari” gallery show will feature paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, mixed media, textiles, and photography inspired by the adventure of safari with a focus on its animals and landscapes.

All art in “Wild Safari” gallery will be on display and some pieces available for purchase at the Erlanger Baroness Hospital in the Gallery Corridor from May 22 through September 22, 2021.

Our Mission: Creating a healing atmosphere

The purpose of art in the hospital setting goes far beyond decoration. Recent studies show a direct link between art and the brain’s reaction to pain, stress and anxiety. A 2011 University of London study found that blood flow increased 10 percent to the “joy response” part of the brain when subjects saw a beautiful painting. The Arts at Erlanger program seeks to preserve and expand the healing, uplifting, and therapeutic art at all campuses in our medical system.

Our goals are to:

  • Create a healing atmosphere for patients and their guests at all Erlanger facilities.
  • Enhance the spaces at our campuses with artwork from talented regional artists.
  • Explore and introduce new art forms to complement the healing work of Erlanger.
  • Archive, update, and preserve our inventory of existing and new artwork within the Erlanger Health System.

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Arts Committee

Martica Lambiase, Co-chair
Lezli Morris, Co-chair
Debbie Adams
Chuck Arnold
Phyllis Shuptrine-Best
Donna Bourdon
Sharen Braden
Brittany Carman
Brooke Craig
Serina Desai
Hayley Duncan
Martha Elder
Ann Gallagher
Kathleen Greeson
Dee Hardin
Elizabeth Hedges
Beverly Hill
Judith Jasinski
Helen Jones
Dr. Jennifer Keates
Donald Keefe
Eric Keller
Blaine Kelley
Nicole Kennedy
Jennie Kirkpatrick
Ellen Klosterman
Wanda Lamb
Dr. Louis Lambiase
Morgan Lyke
Dr. Gary Malakoff
Spears McAllester
Beverly McKeldon
Sarah Nichols
Stephen Nichols
Lisa Norris
Nancy Osborne
Dr. Mukta Panda
Josh Patton
Ravinder Ramachandran
Sue Reynolds
Sue Roman
Natasha Romanova
Elizabeth Ruffner
Angela Serre
Karen Bass-Smith
Victoria Stamey
Andy Tallent
Julie Taylor
Abby Claire Thompson
Katharine Toledano
Tony Wear
Gary Wilkes
Lucinda Wyeth

For purchasing gallery show art or any additional questions or concerns, please email Morgan Lyke.

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