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About Children's ER

The Children's Hospital Emergency Room is located at the main entrance to Children's Hospital.

The Pediatric Trauma Team, Emergency Department, and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit provide immediate, 24-hour-a-day care for critically ill or injured children. Erlanger LifeForce Air Ambulance and the Neonatal/Pediatric Ground Transport make the services of Children's Hospital quickly accessible to pediatric patients throughout our region. No other facility in our region offers these services.

Why you should choose Children’s Hospital at Erlanger for your child’s emergency:

  • The region's only Comprehensive Regional Pediatric Center (CRPC) functioning at the highest level of pediatric trauma care
  • Staffed 24/7 by board certified pediatric emergency medicine physicians
  • Nurses certified in pediatric emergency training
  • Child Life specialists* who help make the experience less stressful/scary
  • Team dedicated to providing the highest quality care in a child-friendly manner
  • Recently renovated space with state of the art equipment specifically designed for children of all ages and sizes
  • Quickly seen by a provider – average less then 20 minutes from entering
  • Immediate access to multiple pediatric sub-specialists
  • Be taken care of by people who have chosen to treat kids.

What does it mean to be a Comprehensive Regional Pediatric Center?

It means that Children’s Hospital at Erlanger has the ability to care for your child during all aspects of their illness from prevention to rehabilitation, 24-hour access to specialty services.

But, you don’t have to have a traumatic injury to be seen in the Emergency Department. We see everything from allergic reactions to fracture and anything in between. Sometimes a little peace of mind is all our parents are looking for.

When you get to Children’s Hospital you will find the Emergency Department in the main lobby. There is a registration desk where you will be greeted. Our goal is to then take you directly to a patient care area to be triaged and seen by a healthcare provider. Our team of physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners is staffed by Pediatric Emergency Medicine Associates.

While you are here you will also see a registered nurse who is assigned to the section where your room is located. The staff at Children’s ER work as a team and you may encounter more than one nurse and several other members of our healthcare team. Some of these may be pediatric and emergency medicine residents, patient care technicians, respiratory therapists, radiologic technicians, phlebotomists, and social workers all trained and dedicated to working with pediatric patients.

The Emergency Department is also staffed with Child Life specialists whose job is to make your child’s visit to less scary. Children’s Hospital at Erlanger is the only hospital in the region with child life specialists on staff.

When your child has an emergency, the Emergency Department of Children’s Hospital at Erlanger is the right place for kids, right here at home.

Additional Resources

The Emergency Room can be a scary place for kids full of unusual sights, sounds, and procedures. Child Life Specialists can help reduce anxiety and promote coping during hospitalization. These trained professionals use their expertise in child development to help calm fears through preparing children for procedures and providing activities to help make the hospital a fun place to be.


  • Annual volume - 40,300 pediatric patients
  • Comprehensive Regional Pediatric Center (CRPC), functioning at the highest level of pediatric trauma care
  • 32-bed ED with additional 4 trauma/resuscitation beds
  • Staffed 24/7 with board certified pediatric emergency medicine physicians. Additional staffing by board-certified general pediatricians and nurse practitioners/physician assistants with specialized training in pediatrics.
  • Full complement of pediatric subspecialties