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Taking Care of your business is our only business

WorkForce Corporate Health works exclusively with employers to meet employee’s workplace health needs. The most comprehensive occupational medicine program in the region, WorkForce is committed to helping employers reduce workplace illness and injury. In order to better serve your needs, WorkForce is conveniently located at two locations:

 UT Family Practice Building (lower level of the UT Family Practice building)
1100 E. 3rd Street, Suite G-150
Chattanooga, TN 37403
Mon–Fri, 7:30AM–5:00PM
Walk-in drug screenings daily until 4PM

How does this help you?

  •     Accesible, convenient parking
  •     Able to assist in meeting your employee's personal, as well as occupational healthcare needs
  •     "One stop shopping" to meet your occupational and environmental health needs
  •     Reduce costs in lost work time
  •     Priority status for work-related injuries
  •     Assistance with OSHA medical surveillance requirements
  •     Emphasis on early return to work

Occupational and Environmental Health Services

  •     Treatment of on-the-job injuries, including minor surgical procedures
  •     Physicals
  •     Urine Drug Screens
  •     Hepatitis Screening/Vaccinations
  •     Full Laboratory Capabilities
  •     Vision Screening
  •     Pulmonary Function Testing
  •     Breath Alcohol Testing
  •     X-rays & EkG's
  •     Audiograms
  •     Customized Wellness Programs (e.g. Health Risk Assessments)

WorkForce Corporate Health offers the only board-certified occupational medicine physicians serving local and regional employers.